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Day’s Run – 19 October, 2015

Noon Position: Docked in Lunenburg, NS, Canada

Weather: Frost, cold breeze, H 11c L -2c, barometer 1027

Another layer of safety training was introduced to the crew this afternoon. During the walk though of the heavy weather drill the Chief Mate taught the crew about where the nets, safety lines and typhoon zip lines are stowed and how to rig them up correctly. She explained too, in what circumstances this safety equipment would be used and how best to navigate yourself across the ship when everything is rigged up. As with all other safety procedures, the heavy weather drill will be practiced again to insure the crew is gaining knowledge and efficiency each time it is held.

On a separate though related topic, at breakfast muster the Captain answered an important question stemming from the colder temperatures – “Can we wear gloves while aloft?”. The answer was “No” and the reasoning explained as follows, “If you are aloft you must be able to feel what you are doing with your hands. If you cannot feel your hands you should lay the deck. Gloves give a false sense of how cold your hands actually are and this is an unacceptable safety risk. If your hands are that cold, lay the deck. It is safer for you, it is safer for the ship and it is always the correct action for you to take”. It is very important that crew members are honest with themselves about their physical capabilities while aloft. Equally everyone needs to fully comprehend that should, for whatever reason, they feel any kind of limitation with regards to going or being aloft, voicing this to a Lead Seaman, Mate or Captain is far more acceptable than trying to push beyond endurance.

19 Oct 5 optimized

19 Oct 4 optimized

19 Oct 3 optimized

Ship’s Work: Spanker gaff back up; bend on spanker B; coat spanker boom with thin primer then buff; heads’ls, main topmast stays’l and spanker triced up; wedged t’gallant mast on the fore; rig mast rope on fore; paint the Skiff and Karl; dry sail; load new freezers in hold; headrig net lashings; bend on inner jib, outer jib and main t’gallant; replace port main lower inner bunt. Training: heavy weather drills; sail drill on the fore with the 8-12. Engine room: installed new 12volt alternator on port gen set; installed new bilge pump; ran port gen set to charge 110 volt DC system; ran fire pump; person from Baileys Fuel on ship to install brain box in new water heater.

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