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Day’s Run – 16 October, 2015

Noon Position: Docked in Lunenburg, NS, Canada
Weather: H 16c L 5c, barometer 1013, morning clear, afternoon overcast and windy

Training continues today by focusing on gaining more understanding and practice with sail handling. One of the main reasons we do this type of training in watches initially is because these are the crew members who will be directly working together while sailing. As important as it is to learn about what is required to set, strike and brace each sail, it is also necessary to focus on the group, as a whole, getting better at working together. As each crew members knowledge base grows it will become easier for them to lay in with one of the other watches should the need arise.

This evening there was a special treat for the crew. Some party lights were strung up and projects set to the side at the Dory Shop to make way for a dance floor. Everyone was invited to come by at 19:30 to kick up their heals and relax. There were smiles and laughter all around as people visited from one group to the next, chatting or dancing up a storm. Conversely, those who wanted to enjoy a quiet ship could do exactly that as well. This was also the first taste of maintaining a secure ship while a social event was underway nearby. Gotta slip in those lessons whenever possible!

16 Oct optimized

Ship’s Work: Continue to tune headrig; bend on mains’l and fore topmast stays’l; haul Sea Never Dry onto land; divers continue to clean hull; clean and oil anchor chain; varnish spanker gaff; oil and leather new oars.

Training: 12-4 set and brace with fores’l on foremast; 8-12 on main and 4-8 on fore set/strike/brace considering all gear; in watches, go over handbook commands and knots that are used aloft.

Engine room: tighten the air caulks; second coat of primer and first coat of paint on bilge pump sprocket; new exhaust gaskets on 3, 4, 6, & 7; new oil filter gaskets.

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