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Day’s Run – 9 October, 2015

Noon Position: Docked in Lunenburg, NS, Canada

Weather: Cool, clear skies, H 20c L 12c, barometer 1015

On land something as common place as having hot water is almost taken for granted. On the ship it is a virtual cause for celebration. A few days ago the Engineer had our brand new water heater come on line. All of a sudden being assigned to scullery duty has an added bonus – gloriously hot water! This afternoon we finished tensioning the main t’gallant mast in place and then turned our focus to the multitude of steps that need to been seen to prior to hoisting the next mast and/or yard. Scattered throughout we also see to tasks such as cleaning out the paint locker, inventorying the carpenters corner and seeing to the ship’s laundry. Keeping abreast of the big picture amongst so many people and projects can be a daunting task. The Captain will thus hold a department head and/or entire pro crew meeting a few times per week. All information is shared which helps to keep everyone on the same page and on pace to having the ship ready to go by the target date.

9 Oct - optimized

Ships Work: Primed iron work for spanker boom; spot painted Skiff and Monomoy; scraped top mast and spot primed bare steel; tensioned main t’gallant mast; installed bunt blocks on main mast; reeved buntlines; painted and stained fore t’gallant mast; continued anchor chain oiling; seized strong back nets; re-stowed forward sole; down rigged Sydney. Engine room: replaced cylinder #6 connecting rod bearings; installed injectors on #2 & 6 base and blast explosion doors; installed cylinder heads on # 2 and 6.

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