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Day’s Run – 8 October 2015

Noon Position: Docked in Lunenburg, NS, Canada

Weather: Sunny, cool breeze, H 26c L 7c, barometer 1016

Ships Work: First coat of varnish/linseed on main t’gallant yard; install irons on main t’gallant yard; paint kedge anchor and griping spar (first coat); send main t’gallant yard aloft; bend on main top mast stays’l “F”; continue inventory of carpenters corner in hold; install Monomoy deckboards and spot paint grey area; rust bust spanker boom goose neck. Engine room: installed fresh water accumulator tanks in the fresh and salt water systems; fixed a light fixture; installation of second piston and replaced the connecting rod bearing shells; attempted removal of old bilge pump (need a bigger hammer).

Daily Log: The Picton Castle stands a little taller today than it did yesterday. During the work day the main t’gallant yard was sent aloft. This process is much more intricate than you’d think as it involves hoisting from the deck the two head stays, four back stays and two shrouds, looping their eyes over the top of the mast then forcing them into place with a mallet as the mast is slowly hoisted up. Along with bending back on the first sail there is now, officially, more going onto the ship than coming off.

sending up main t'gallant mast compressed

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