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Day’s Run – July 7, 2015

Today is a transition day for us as we have crew signing off and new trainees signing on. This necessitates a flurry of activity to get our 15 new crew members sorted out in their personal spaces, shown the layout of the ship and oriented through safety training. Most importantly though, while still tied to the dock, the lesson of how to properly flush a marine head. Believe me, nobody, but nobody, wants to deal with the consequences of skipping that particular lesson!

Aldo, from Aldo’s in Greenport, you are a prince among men for letting me haul in 15 1kg bags of coffee this morning to grind up before we let go lines. Greenport Brewing, thank you too for donating a keg of beer to the soiree held on the Picton Castle for the tall ship crew members in port. Lastly, as I lick the butter off my fingers, thank you to the fishing vessel Illusion for the lobster dinner we thoroughly enjoyed tonight. From the Captain to the cat, we all heartily thank you!

SHIP’S WORK: Gaff went back up; bent on spanker.

Twenty minute lobster dinner

NOON POSITION: 41°06.0’N /072°21.6’W
DAYS RUN: 0 nm
WEATHER: Humid, barometer 1022, cool breeze

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