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Day’s Run – June 23, 2015

Unexpectedly we spent another day anchored in Annapolis today.
Starboard watch hopped the skiff to shore after breakfast while Port watch got busy with a few projects the Bosun had lined up. What I learned is that doing fine, detailed painting close to the waterline while in the skiff, on a day with a steady stream of swells and wakes is an interesting endeavour. The truly exciting part of the day though was shortly after dinner, when the darkening sky overtook our anchored position. Wow did that wind and rain come up fast! The crew as one jumped into action, responding quickly to each command issued by the Captain. Our second anchor was dropped and the yards braced to a sharp tack to help us from dragging too far. An hour later the storm had blown itself out, leaving behind a lightning show off the port side and a stunning, blazing orange sunset on the other.

SHIP’S WORK: Shifted mains’l to Course E; spot painted black and white.

Fast stowing due to incoming storm

NOON POSITION: 38°58.7’N /076°28.2’W
WEATHER: Sunny day, barometer 1018 millibars, visibility good

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