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Day’s Run – June 9, 2015

Today had been entirely about beautifying the ship for our arrival into Cape Charles…and man is she looking good! A whole lot of elbow grease makes a huge difference. We’ve also had a steady stream of small local boats cruising by to see what we have been up to. The pictures they must be snapping of crew members contorting themselves into odd shapes to paint just that much further must surely be interesting.
SHIP’S WORK: The list is long and plentiful today. We painted the
topsides, bitts, chocks, port fore lower turnbuckles, deck brakes and spot painted the yards. We osphoed the bulwarks inboard (Emil’s demonstrating the ospho look), varnished the mess table, continued work on replacing the suncloth on course E and the banner.
At anchor in the mouth of the York River. We are currently 4.5 miles east of Yorktown Virginia.
Emil rocking the ospho look
Emil rocking the ospho look

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