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Day’s Run – May 20, 2015

We’re sailing when we can and then steaming when we can’t – the wind is starting to come fair following the most recent low pressure system, but we still have changeable currents from eddies in the gulf stream. The fog has come down this afternoon, though not thick. Delaware is off our port beam.
SHIP’S WORK: Making a new downhaul pennant for the port side of the main upper topsail, spot painting, and a big clean and overhaul of carpenter’s tools. Gabe and the sailmakers are working on making a new information topsail with information about our upcoming Transatlantic Voyage!
BOUND FROM: St Georges, Bermuda
TOWARDS: Lunenburg, NS, Canada
NOON POSITION: 38°27.3’N /066°00.9’W
DAYS RUN: 164nm
COURSE AND SPEED: North North West, Course made good 005° true, 3.7 knots
WIND: Force 3, West South West
WEATHER: Fair, 2/8 cloud cover, barometer 1015 millibars and falling slowly, visibility very good
SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: South West by South, 1 m
SAILS SET: At noon we were sailing under lower topsails, upper topsails, t’gallants, foresail and goose-winged mainsail
Jens rigging the new main upper topsail downhaul
Jens rigs up the new main upper topsail downhaul

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