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Day’s Run – May 19, 2015

The weather is slowly getting cooler with sea and air temperatures both hovering around 21 degrees C (70F). A beautiful sunny day today – would be perfect sailing weather if only we were bound with the wind for Europe! We have a bit of a foul current from eddies in the gulf stream too, so we’re making tracks quite slowly, but still expecting to get to Lunenburg this Saturday. We caught a nice sized wahoo just after lunch – perfect timing for tasty fresh fish for supper!
SHIP’S WORK: Overhauling downhaul pennants, spot painting stone on the superstructure aft, wire seizings on the new course sail, various small projects and tarring aloft.
BOUND FROM: St Georges, Bermuda
TOWARDS: Lunenburg, NS, Canada
NOON POSITION: 35°57.1’N /065°43.4’W
DAYS RUN: 100nm
COURSE AND SPEED: North West by North 1/2 North, Course made good 326° true, 6.2 knots
WIND: Force 4, North East by North
WEATHER: Fair, 4/8 cloud cover, barometer 1019 millibars and steady, visibility very good
SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: North by East, 1 m
SAILS SET: We’re still steaming to get north in light head winds as the low pressure system moves off to the south and east of us. We have all fore and aft sail set
Ashley and Ryan wax up marline
Ryan and Ashley wax up some marlin

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