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Day’s Run – May 13, 2015

We’re going to Bermuda! We’re in a region of high pressure here in the Atlantic, at about the same latitude as Cape Canaveral, and there’s absolutely no wind so we had to fire up the main engine anyway. Captain said if we have to motor it may as well be in the direction of Bermuda, so we’re expecting to arrive late on Friday afternoon for a flying visit, leaving again on Sunday night to get underway for Lunenburg. We’re all looking forward to the visit but especially our Bermudian Bosun, Erin.
SHIP’S WORK: We spent most of today sorting through the treasure that the ship has collected from around the world – we’ll have a stall selling some of it at the Tall Ships festivals this summer, so today we brought everything up into the sunshine on the hatch, sorted through it all, cleaned and oiled as necessary before re-stowing it all ready for the summer. We have quite a collection: beautiful big chests from Bali, inlaid with mother of pearl or decorated with bronze work; hand-made batik sarongs; intricate puzzle boxes in the shapes of frogs or flowers, baskets and carved wooden Gods from Tonga, tiny canoes and woven basket-bags from Vanuatu and my favourite: the cannibal eye-ball forks and war clubs from Fiji!
BOUND FROM: Oranjestad, Aruba, Caribbean Sea
TOWARDS: Bermuda
NOON POSITION: 28°31.6’N /069°49.2’W
DAYS RUN: 141nm
COURSE AND SPEED: East by North half North, Course made good 047° true, 7.4 knots
WIND: calm
WEATHER: Fair, 1/8 cloud cover, barometer 1024 millibars and steady, very good
SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: South East by East, 1 m
SAILS SET: Steaming

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