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Day’s Run – February 26, 2015

Part two of the rigging workshop this afternoon with advanced serving techniques. Celestial navigation continues – Emil, Nikolaj,and Alex joined Bruce, Sam and Bob shooting local apparent noon today, and some of us are taking sun lines and sights from stars and planets too. The sun is almost directly overhead now as we run down the latitudes towards the equator.
SHIPS WORK: Sent down the main upper topsail and sent up an old one in its place. These patched old sails are not the prettiest, but I think it looks cool: patchwork evidence that the sails have been lovingly cared for by so many different people over the Picton Castle’s many years and miles of ocean wandering. Work continues on the new royal yard. We also started work painting the small boats today – got to have your boats ready to sail and looking good by the Caribbean!
BOUND FROM: James Bay, St Helena, South Atlantic Ocean
TOWARDS: Grenada, Windward Islands, Caribbean Sea
NOON POSITION: 09°37.9’S /012°20.1’W
DAYS RUN: 91 nm
COURSE AND SPEED: North North West, Course made good 313° true, 4.2 knots
WIND: Wind Force 3, South East by South
WEATHER: Fair, 6/8 cloud, barometer 1016 millibars and steady,
visibility very good
SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: South South East 1-2m
SAILS SET: All square sails set except mainsail. We’re still running dead downwind
Aaron_ Scott and Nikolaj hoist the upper topsail aloft on a gantline
Aaron, Scott and Nikolaj hoist the upper topsail aloft on a gantline

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