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Day’s Run – February 10, 2015

Another beautiful day in the South Atlantic. The trade winds are back to their usual reliably good form, the sun is shining and the ocean is sparkling bright blue.
SHIPS WORK: It’s too breezy to send sails up and down today so we’re working on other things. The main project for the day is overhauling the iron work and the footrope from the old royal yard so they will be ready to go onto the new yard once the carpenters finish shaping and varnishing the spar. We also did spot painting and routine greasing on deck and aloft – getting oil or grease in all hinges, sheaves of blocks, freeing ports and anything else metal that moves.
BOUND FROM: Luderitz, Namibia, South Atlantic Ocean
TOWARDS: James Bay, St Helena, South Atlantic Ocean
NOON POSITION: 22°15.1’S /007°28.8’E
DAYS RUN: 144 nm
COURSE AND SPEED: North West, Course made good 291° true, 5.4 knots
WIND: Wind Force 5, Southerly
WEATHER: Fair, 6/8 cloud, barometer 1021 millibars and steady,
visibility very good
SWELL HEIGHT & DIRECTION: South South East 2-3m
SAILS SET: Foresail, topsails, t’gallants and main royal, inner jib. We are on a broad reach on the port tack, braced almost square.
Turi and Alex
Turi on helm with Alex standing by on the quarterdeck

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