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Wind and Seas Laying Down

September 8th, 2014

At 14-26 S / 159-04 E

Sun has set, could not properly observe this daily phenomena as it is mainly overcast, although the western sky became curiously pink through the clouds for a spell. Almost 500 miles west of our anchorage at Luganville, Santo. About 960 miles to Bligh’s Entrance to the Torres Strait between Papua New Guinea and Cape York, Australia. And there we will kiss the South Pacific good bye and sail westward to meet the Far East. Old Capt. Bligh got around for a young guy, only 36 at the time. Lots of ‘Bligh’ this and that hereabouts.

We have had a decent fresh ride for a couple days. Making good speed under small canvas. Now winds and seas are laying down or so it seems. 12 to 15 footers before. The freeing ports have stopped clanging and the seas have taken on a more steady form. Light rain squalls have been passing over us, just a little spitting rain, not much.

Just reset the t’gallants and end-for-ended the lee foresail sheet that was looking thin. Bent on the main t’gallant staysail and royals too in Santo. Next we will bend on the mainsail on the main yard, flying jib after that. Maybe the gaff topsail. Bend ’em as we learn ’em. But right now its early evening, warm and balmy, rolling along just fine, making good time, headed for the Torres Strait and onwards towards Bali.

Erin, Rob and Alex tack down the foresail
Erin, Rob and Alex tack down the foresail

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