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Bounty Bay

January 31st, 2014

The Picton Castle is anchor in Bounty Bay, Pitcairn Island. We sailed in and dropped the starboard anchor under sail a couple days ago. Don’t worry, the anchor had the chain on it. Pania, Lead Seaman and 8th generation descendant of the mutineers and their island wives steered us in. The ship is heaving gently in the bright blue rolling swell coming in from the east. We have a truly stunning South Pacific day here.

Many of the gang are ashore with more out in the huge long boat, fishing on the south side of the island. The ship is handsome at this, one of the most remarkable anchorages and islands of the world. She is a bit rust streaked from hinges of the freeing ports after a month at sea that took us to 43 degrees south latitude. We are anchored right where they found the Bounty anchor in 1957 – set astern as they ran her up on the rocks just next to today’s landing. There will be more to report as the crew come with their stories.

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