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A New Voyage Begins – Departure From Rarotonga

By Cheri Davidson

Wednesday August 28, 2013

Picton Castle departed Rarotonga this morning, hurrah! Motor-sailing NWxW under overcast skies. Crew are broken off into two watches now, Port and Starboard, with Port watch taking the decks just after a yummy lunch of roti wraps from Donald.

Leaving Rartonga we set lots of sails! First with the outer jib and the fore topmast stays’l. Then upper and lower tops’ls, the spanker, the fore course, and finally the t’gallants. Crew and trainees are getting their sea legs back and new trainees are learning their lines. So far just one or two are feeling a bit queasy, but I’m sure they will adjust soon enough. We don’t have a big swell and the ship is quite comfortable.

Picton Castle alongside Rarotonga Cook Islands
Picton Castle crew and trainees officially sign aboard the ship

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