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It’s Not Christmas Anymore, But…

Greetings from our shore office in snowy Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.

While Picton Castle is hove to off Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific this morning, we’re being covered in a fluffy white blanket here, so much snow and wind that local schools are closed for the day. Quite different from swaying palm trees, warm ocean breeze and sarongs.

This past Saturday there was an incredible concert in Lunenburg, our friend Lennie Gallant with Symphony Nova Scotia playing mostly Lennie’s songs with symphony arrangements. Before Christmas, we had published a Picton Castle version of the classic poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. Lennie wrote an addition to the poem that was shared with the crew but never published. This concert reminded us that we should ask Lennie’s permission (which he has generously given) to share it with all of you.

So, from the winter wonderland of Nova Scotia, a Christmas wish from Lennie Gallant:

And back on the land
Where the lubbers did pine
For the whimsical whispers
Of south winds so fine
For the pitch and the roll
Of the mighty P Castle
And the captain’s great shout
To his first mate and vassals
‘Let the star that led wise men
Lead us on this night
Of sailors and shepherds and angels of light
Of those who would follow a king with no land
And nothing to swear by, but a steady hand
A star to give wonder to all who would see
That the hope for the world
Lies in moments like these’

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