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Nearing Christmas… And The Line

By Kate “Bob” Addison

3º13’N 083º19’W

Picton Castle is steaming from Panama to Galapagos. This area off the coast of Ecuador has light winds more often than not, and so we are pushing on, planning to make landfall in the Galapagos by Christmas.

Pushing on with ship’s work too – yesterday afternoon’s workshop was doing a proper painting and varnishing job. As Captain says, like playing the drums, everyone THINKS they know how to paint….

There was skipjack tuna for supper yesterday – fresh as you like they were, caught, cleaned and cooked all aboard and within just a few hours. We’ve got our bamboo outriggers set up now, sticking out each side from the quarterdeck so we can trail extra lines behind the ship. We’re all looking forward to more fish in our near future as we head away from the over-fished costal regions out into the bountiful Pacific.

By night the galley has been busy with industrious Elves baking up big batches of Christmas treats, and every morning when I arrive for work in the office, the charthouse is more decorated than it was the night before with its trim of paper snowflakes, baubles and pomanders. The is lots of clandestine gift making in odd corners too, and the Batcave started the season of giving with hand-delivered Christmas cards for every compartment yesterday. For all it’s hot and salty here, Christmas is definitely in the air.

There have been notes from King Neptune apearing too, these last few days – ever moving with the times HRM can now be reached by email. At just 3 degrees North we are quickly nearing his realm, and messengers in the form of dolphins and whales have been arriving to let us know that we are nearing The Line….

Picton Castle Santas aloft

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