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Oh Savannah!

By Kate “Bob” Addison

Monday morning, and it’s back to sea for the Picton Castle as we head north from Savannah towards New York City in the first leg of the Tall Ships Challenge races.

Just now we are under sail racing with the big USCG sail training barque Eagle and the replica of the HMS Bounty (built in Lunenburg in 1962 for the film with Marlon Brando – David Brown of Pitcairn Island, our chief engineer, got a big kick out of going aboard). The Mate is setting some more sail as the winds lay down as predicted for this evening, and we have been surrounded with jumping dolphins!

Savannah showed us a wonderful time and it feels like we’ve been on summer holidays. Memories of sunshine, ships, music and dancing. Thousands of visitors to the ship, wonderful to show her off. Excitement about the South Pacific voyage this fall is building – the other crews are jealous!

Five new hands signed on in Savannah, four trainee crew and one ship’s cat called George.

chief mate Michael and third mate Siri welcome ship s cat George aboard
Nadja on helm and Bob on the quarterdeck on the way into Savannah, photo by Norbert Stager
Picton Castle in the Parade of Sail at Savannah
Picton Castle sails in to Savannah, photo by Norbert Stager
sailing in to Savannah, photo by Norbert Stager
the tarpsl topsl on display advertising the south pacific voyage

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Landfall, Georgia, USA

By Kate “Bob” Addison

Land came into sight overnight, now it’s a beautiful morning as we make our approach to Savannah, Georgia. Surrounded by ships: the barkentine Dewaruci (the Indonesian Naval tall ship following us in), fishing boats and container ships. A bunch of Navy ships were firing at each other a couple nights ago, doing all sorts of crazy manouvers, but their mock-war seems to be over now and they’re all quiet. Chief Mate Michael Moreland on the bridge guides us in. AB Allison is at the helm steering by the buoys. Crew are pretty excited about Tall Ships and visiting Savannah. I like that my first real visit to the USA is arriving by ship. 22 miles up this river we go.

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Savannah Bound

The Picton Castle is sailing along fine in nice fair breezes, light winds to be sure but lovely anyway. The gang is working hard at all sorts of sailorizing jobs such as bending royals, switching out the fore t’gallant, renewing running rigging, new varnish and getting ready for our visit to Savannah, Georgia in a couple days and 200 miles away to the WNW. Soon we will be polishing brass after months of being ignored! We have a very keen crew who are all excited to get to Savannah and join the USCG Barque Eagle, the HMS Bounty, the Topsail Schooners Pride of Baltimore II and Lynx and the other ships we expect to meet.

Very tropical today with clear blue skies and small cumulous clouds here and there. We even see flying fish now and then, too. We had West Indian roti for lunch today. Roti is an East Indian word and the dish is sort of a Caribbean curry enchilada, pretty good too.

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