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Introducing Ship’s Kitten George

By Kate “Bob” Addison

Tabby cat George is just eight weeks old, a tiny bundle of fur with wide eyes, big ears and a whippet thin tail. His belly is striped and he has four white paws and a tiny little white nose so he looks like he’s been caught with his nose in the cream.

George was adopted by Chief Mate Michael Moreland in Savannah, Georgia where he had been rescued that very same day by a local girl named Laura. When he was found, little George was a street-moggy, all skin and bones and big scared eyes, and he spent his first day on the ship just sleeping and eating. Soon his belly grew fat and round, and the rest of him will plump up soon enough too.

George is currently living in the mate’s cabin while he learns his job as Ship’s Cat, but he is enjoying his trips to the charthouse and promenades around the deck accompanied by the cooing of otherwise thoroughly salty sailor girls. He enjoys playing with string and hiding in dark corners like behind the desk in the office. He also likes having his face and belly rubbed. George seems pretty pleased with the crew for catching five beautiful fish in the last 48 hours – he especially enjoyed the fresh mahi mahi.

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