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Another Day in Bermuda

All is well aboard the Picton Castle here in Bermuda – surrounded by pastel turquoise waters we are snugly moored starboard side-to at Penno’s Wharf in beautiful old St George’s. A fresh southerly breeze has us fair pinned to the wharf but the fendering is excellent and we could not be better berthed. Much thanks to our shipmate Paulina and the good Harbourmaster of St George’s for looking after us so well.

We are looking at some poor weather for the next couple of days as a low pressure system blows through – looks like we will get off Wednesday bound for Savannah some 800 miles away. Our gang is a good one and settling right in, learning the ropes, working diligently and in good cheer.

The ship gets pretty scruffy looking over a Nova Scotian winter. Weather can be good enough for rigging and bending sail and stowing the ship but fog, snow and rain do not lend themselves to beautifying the ship. But here in Bermuda it is warm, sunny and soon with a pot of paint, tar or varnish and elbow grease of willing hands it all comes together. The ships skiff is getting painted up too, waterways overhauled and painted, galley painted out and the blue overhead in the breezeways are getting a bit of attention too. The ship’s office just aft of the charthouse is getting a good housekeeping overhaul too, as is the mess room.

But it isn’t all work as the off-watch finds plenty to do ashore on this fair island placed just where an island ought to be placed between the tropics and the higher latitudes to give wandering sailors and their ships a break from a North Atlantic sea passage. A bit squally today- should blow pretty fresh tonight- but we are as snug as can be.

2nd Mate Sam points out the best bar in St Georges
Bosun Susie and Mr Mate
Hoisting the Bermuda courtesy flag and the Q flag
Midships gang standing by

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