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Bermuda Bound

We in the Picton Castle are having a fair passage towards Bermuda just now. Seas moderate, winds light and mostly favourable, even currents in our favour. We have a strong crew. Many Picton Castle veterans and we have some pretty salty young folks who have only recently signed off the Danish full-riggers Danmark, Georg Stage and Norwegian Sorlandet as well as the big Norwegian bark Statsraad Lehmkuhl. We have a Bosun School alumni and we have a crew member from far Australia. We have a good gang.

We delight in the warming weather and the blue skies. A few birds have hitched a ride aboard and they just might make it due to the absence of Chibley the Cat. Chibley was indifferent to mice, rats and other creepy crawlies but birds got her blood up. But these birds will get a chance at a passage at least.

Donald is back and master of his domain and everyone’s stomach being the great sea chef and shipmate he so consistently is. Michael is back too, Chief Mate on the last two big voyages, he is looking after the ship as only the dedicated talented seaman he is can do. Due to the fine weather we have started up seamanship workshops in the afternoons as well. All looking forward to a new port in the form of St George’s, Bermuda. Soon into the clear turquoise waters of the Bermudas and stretch legs ashore.

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