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Setting Sail Monday

After days and weeks of training, orientation and preparation, Picton Castle is scheduled to set sail this coming Monday, April 16, at 1400. Sailing from the wharf at the end of Bluenose Drive in Lunenburg, Picton Castle is bound for Bermuda, then Savannah, New York City, Greenport, Norfolk, Newport, Halifax and the Nova Scotia coast before returning to Lunenburg about three and a half months from now.

All are welcome to wish the ship and crew bon voyage and to wave farewell on Monday afternoon, so join us on the waterfront if you are able.

As always, the itinerary of a sailing ship is subject to change due to weather or any number of other reasons. If a change is necessary, it will be posted here on the Captain’s Log.

bending on the fores l
Drea and Susie mouse footrope shackles on the yards
Maria, Tre and Nadja have a laugh
Siri loads provisions into the hold

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