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North Bound 2

Picton Castle is about 360 miles north of Bermuda and about 350 miles south of Lunenburg. We have been sailing along pretty well. We had a head current yesterday from an eddy off the Gulf Stream but we have found a strong fair current it looks like we can ride for a couple hundred miles. Squalls last night, so much falling off before rising winds and taking in of high light sails. The crew did fine. Soon we were back on course. Now we have more squalls from the west but they are just helping us along with an extra push now and then. Sailmaking on deck is getting a bit impractical though. Conducted what should be our last abandon ship drill. Abandon ship drill and training is like no other drills. We go over launching life rafts, review what we would do before we had to abandon ship, if possible – certainly emphasize how abandoning ship is an act of last resort, practice putting on exposure suits quickly, cut away boats as well as launch life rafts, how to be personally prepared, review how to activate emergency comms, etc. We have the best gear there is but the ship is always better. As we head north of the Gulf Stream, sure, all excited to get home, but no voyage is over until we are moored to the wharf. Conditions are good and we are making good time for Cross Island.

abandon ship drill
Mike, Joani and Katelinn beside the galley house in squally weather
motor sailing in the North Atlantic
Paul dons an immersion suit
squally weather viewed from the bridge

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