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North Bound from Bermuda in the Picton Castle

At dawn this day comes in overcast spitting light rain in a fresh southerly breeze hauling the Picton Castle and her crew north. Yards are squared and all sail is set and drawing to the royals. The Chief Cook asks for the main topmast staysail to come in as sometimes wind spilling off it spoils the draft from his stove and slows down breakfast – can’t have that. At 80 miles north of Bermuda it is still quite warm. This will change. The 4-8 watch sets to a vigorous deck scrub as they have done many times before. The Mate trims a sail here a sheet there but otherwise we roll on with the winds and sea as long as they remain favourable. Looks like we are going to sail right through something of a low but doesn’t look bad. Just a little wind and then maybe going calm for a spell.

The gang had a good time in Bermuda and in the BVI as well with all the wooden boat regatta activity there a couple weeks ago – logs will be posted soon on that subject – but in the meantime we are sailing for Lunenburg, and the sea bound coast of Nova Scotia where this voyage began 14 months and 30,000 miles ago. In a straight line it is 720 miles from Bermuda to Lunenburg, surprisingly close really and with so much in common, yet a world away in climate. No palm trees in Lunenburg and no Christmas trees in Bermuda. We still have flying fish skitting about the ship. That’s comforting to a “flying fish sailor.”

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