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Sailed From Bali

The Picton Castle has sailed from Bali bound for Reunion Island across the Indian Ocean. After 12 days at anchor in Benoa Habour with the crew spread out across the island exploring, no doubt there are some stories to tell about our times in Bali. Some of these stories will find their way onto our website here and crew members’ personal blogs in the coming days. For starters though we can say that Bali remains a sweet magical place with something for everyone and anyone.

Bali is a rich fusion of sights, sounds, smells, music, noise, peace, crowds, solitude, cultivation, urban construction, jungle, plains, mountains, temples, commercialism, spiritual and commonplace, excellent food and fruits, coffee, cleanliness, dirt, culture, crudity, charm, more charm and wonder – the only danger, really, is in becoming overly accustomed to it and taking it all for granted. That would be a mistake. Westerners have been coming to Bali since the 1920s in holiday adventure mode. Since the 1930s some have said “oh, you should have been here ten years ago to see the real Bali…”. But we would disagree. The time to visit Bali is now. The real Bali is right here, right now – these are the “good old days”…

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