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Mail for the Crew in Fiji

Picton Castle set sail yesterday for Palmerston Atoll in the Cook Islands after a fantastic and very busy ten-day stay at our home port of Avatiu, on the island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. Stories aplenty of our adventures here in Rarotonga will be forthcoming, but first a quick note to inform you of the next opportunity to send mail to the crew. Don’t delay – letters and packages will take a few weeks to get to Fiji, so if you want your crew member to receive something (and, trust me, everyone aboard loves receiving mail), it should be sent immediately, outlined in heavy green waterproof marker, to this address:

[Crew member name]
c/o Williams & Gosling Ltd
PO Box 79
82 Harris Road
Fiji Islands

*Hold for arrival of Barque PICTON CASTLE on or about September 26, 2010

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