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Passage to Rarotonga-Tradewinds gone astray #3

South Pacific south-east tradewinds, as pleasent and fine to sail in as they are, and depend on them we do to get across this ocean, are not quite as reliable as say South Atlantic tradewinds, which never seem to quit. Due to a low between two highs far to our south, yesterday the wind built and built to near gale force strength out of the NNE and then petered out all together, great sailing while it lasted. Then last night the wind went around and blew from the west for about 10 hours! The 8-12 evening watch had to wear ship (a controlled jibe with lots of hauling of braces) to steer north which was not so bad – then in the early AM the 12-4 and the 4-8 watches wore ship again as the wind came back out of the north so we could steer west again. Then the wind gave up and became light headwinds. On went the ALPHA with a deep rumble. We shall steam under power and head in the general direction of Rarotonga about 800 miles away until the wind makes up again as it surely will. We want to get to Rarotonga on time anyway, all sorts of folks meeting the ship and some of our gang have to head home to jobs and schools, all very sad. We just passed south off Atoll Hereheretue, too low to see. Been catching fish pretty well lately since Paul got the squid lures Steve and Olive at Pitcairn recomended…

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