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Market Day-Pitcairn Island Log #4

We had been shopping for specific items to bring to Pitcairn in both Canada and Panama, loading all sorts of assorted goods in the hold for delivery on arrival; lumber, tinned food, petrol, tools and even turtles. In addition to the things specifically ordered, we brought hundreds of pounds of clothes from Frenchy’s, a Nova Scotian chain of second-hand stores. We set up shop in the Square on two consecutive afternoons for the islanders to come and shop. It really was like a Saturday morning at Frenchy’s – a shopping frenzy with lots of people,
clothes flying. I think everyone found something they liked that fit. Parents and grandparents were happy to find all sorts of kids’ clothes, and Shawn will be comfortable in his new pyjamas. Judging by the lines full of fresh laundry hanging out to dry
the next day, many Pitcairners will soon be sporting new outfits.

The islanders weren’t the only ones shopping. Our crew picked up a number of unique and beautiful items made only at Pitcairn. Aboard we’re all familiar with the woven plastic baskets made on Pitcairn because we use them all the time on the ship – we keep our cups and mugs in Pitcairn-made baskets below the coffee station on the aloha deck. It was time to replace them, so we got a couple of new ones during our visit. A number of the crew also picked up baskets for themselves as souvenirs. A different kind of basket is also made on Pitcairn, these ones are smaller and are made with leaves from pandanaus palm trees, dried and dyed. While the plastic woven baskets are strong utility baskets for carrying things around, the pandanaus woven baskets are more delicate and perfect for storing small collections of things. Pitcairn is also known for its wood carvings, made from miro, tau, cabbage wood and “pilau”. Many of our crew have new fids which they will use on the ship, but many also purchased decorative sharks, fish, whales, turtles, birds, canes, bowls and Bounty models to take home as souvenirs. There are avariety of other handicrafts for sale on the island, including jewellery, soaps, hand embroidered pieces and hand painted pressed leaves, all of which are beautifully made with a high degree of craftsmanship. Bees are also kept on Pitcairn, making some of the most delicious honey in the world. If you want some of these for yourself, you can find them on Pitcairn
Island websites and order them to be delivered by mail.

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