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Galapagos Bound

Well, Panama shopping for the ship and for Pitcairn Island too was quite a whirlwind of activity. Shop til you Drop and then get up and shop some more. But many of the gang did interesting things besides shop all the time although shopping in Panama is pretty interesting with all the big markets, back ally stores and much more – hopefully we will get to that shortly here…The Picton Castle has been sailing, or really steaming, from Panama for several days now in warm, headwinds with light rain. Bad winds in the Caribbean, no winds here… we were wondering what curse we were being plagued with when we got the following e-mail from His Crusty Highness King Neptune, well, really, his Scribe – see below – all has become clear. Old Neptune knows his stuff – our poor winds are due to the presence aboard of the dread ‘pollywog’ – for those who do not know, a ‘pollywog’ is a low life form that has not crossed the equator in the company of ‘Shellbacks’, noble souls that they are, tolerate them benignly in the same ship. But lucky for us, as we approach this equator, Neptune and his Royal Court will remedy the situation and set all to rights….soon – Neptune is a great guy, once you get to know him…

My Dear, Master of the Magnificent Deep Sea Sailing Ship, our own Shellback Barque Picton Castle

We see that you are underway and bound for the regions of My Realm in your fine Barque. Too few such ships pass by these days. We note with satisfaction and approval that you are` blessed in your ships company with a goodly number of My finest, loyal, faithful but clearly long suffering and thus infinitely patient Royal Shellbacks.

We also sadly detect that tragically you have in your otherwise exalted midst, an unacceptable number (that number being anything greater than zero) of hideous and abject ‘pollywogs’ the lowest form of Aquatic Life ever known, causing endless grief and embarrassment to the refined seagoing sensibilities of my Favoured Shellbacks. We are reliably informed by our Flying Fish, Tropic Bird, Gull, Dolphin and Whale that despite all possible sacred precaution and infinite care in such a well found ship even the dependable trade-winds have abandoned your noble selves due to dismay and revulsion at such a horrific and deplorable state onboard such a fine old friend of a ship. Well, Noble Sir, keep the faith and keep sailing hither and as you well know that on or about the Line, We will board the magnificent Picton Castle and set things aright once more with tender mercies, judicious judgments and cleansing love.

Please convey our Kindest Regards to Her Furry Highness, Chibley, Our most renowned seagoing Shellback Cat as well as to all My True Hearts of Salt Hardened Oak, our loyal Shellbacks who have been suffering woefully untold indignities without complaint in the Hateful Proximity to the teaming pestilentialy odiferous ‘pollywogs’. Please be as so kind as to make all ready.

The Royal Scribe

In the name of His Royalty of the Deep

Neptunas Rex

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