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Necessary Server Maintenance

By Bronwen Kathleen Livingston
Reporting from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

At approximately 6:30 am the server that hosts our lovely new website (and our e-mail) unexpectedly went down. I was in bed, having a dream about exploring Panama La Vieja (Panama’s old city) and was blissfully unaware of the problem. The issue was resolved sometime mid-morning – much to our relief. In order to ensure that it does not happen to us again our web support team will be doing some necessary server maintenance this evening. We do trust that this will not be a terribly long operation and that the e-mail and website will be up and fully functional in a few short hours. We apologize for any inconvenience.

I did get an e-mail from the Captain this morning. Everyone had a wonderful time exploring Panama-not dreaming of exploring Panama as I was! The shopping is done, the deliveries are arriving, the new purchases are being lashed and the temperature is ‘hot’. They are planning to depart Panama City today bound for the Galapagos Islands. Another Captain’s log (or two) will be sent to me soon to post and Maggie and/or the Captain will regale us with stories of the canal transit, Panama City and their first days sailing in the Pacific. I must say that I can hardly wait!

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