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High Pressure Near Bermuda

Captain’s Log – High Pressure near Bermuda

Tuesday May 18, 2010

Maggie Ostler

Around 2000 last night the nice NW sailing wind we were experiencing gave up altogether; so we took in and furled all sail and fired up the main engine to push on southward. We’re sitting under a high pressure system with little wind currently and little prospect of wind coming in the near future, so we’re making tracks for where the wind is. This is typical of the area around Bermuda.

Motoring like this isn’t so bad – the sun is still shining, the sky is blue with occasional light puffs of clouds and the water becomes a more vibrant turquoise blue by the day. It is good weather to get work done and laundry taken care of. There is the constant thrum and gentle vibration of the mighty B&W Alpha and a lack of white canvas overhead, but we’re doing okay. We’re hoping to see the first signs of trade winds in about 300nm, the sweet consistent winds that will carry us around the world.

There’s a gentle adjustment to warmer weather happening, the temperature rising by a few degrees daily. At 1300 the thermometer in the charthouse reports that it’s 24 degrees Celsius. We’re seeing more bare arms and legs as the crew don t-shirts, tank tops and shorts, shoes are disappearing but wisely folks are starting to wear hats and make sunscreen application part of their daily routine. The sea is also about 24 degrees Celsius (78 degrees F), not so bad.

Chibley was not seen on deck at all this morning, I think she’s still suffering embarrassment from yesterday. In celebration of Norwegian national day, Nadja made Chibley a t-shirt that says “I love Norwegian fish” on the back. For those of you who know her, getting Chibley to even wear her collar can be a challenge, so the t-shirt really made her cranky. From the time Nadja dressed her before the parade until about 2030 when Julie found her hiding in a corner of the companionway and removed the offending clothing, Chibley disappeared from view entirely. I don’t think she’s over it yet. She was squawking at the Captain about this in his cabin last night.

Donald continues to work miracles in the galley. This morning’s breakfast was scrambled eggs, whole wheat rolls, oatmeal and sliced cantaloupe. Donald even carved a fancy sunburst into one cantaloupe rind and the word “love” into another. Good presentation makes yummy things taste even better. Lunch was giant hamburgers on fresh baked whole wheat buns with cranberries, and a bit of veggie pizza for the non-meat-eaters. For supper is a big huge roast, with broccoli, potatoes and more whole wheat rolls.

Georgie and Via on the upper tops l brace
Leonard on the fore brace

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