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42-42 / 65-03 May 12, 2010

By Captain Daniel D. Moreland

Just before dawn the sky was light in the NE with a tiny fingernail moon against a clear starry sky tugging the sun up to the horizon – breeze making up from the NW so looks like we will shut down the ME and get some sail on her, seas small. Sailed all day we did and took in sail again when it got very light – good drill for the gang anyway – now, all our weather information encourages us to slow down and let this low pass below us – then we can take advantage the fresh northerly and NWly winds on its trailing side – seas are smooth just now – this can change – this will change – change is the constant. So we have stopped and we will wait – Lunch was cream of mushroom soup and tuna melt sandwiches on home-made bread – dinner remains to be seen – just checked – dinner is roast pork, roast potatoes, broccoli, green salad and chocolate cake – not too bad – water temperature has gone up about 5 degrees C since early morning. This is good.

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