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3 low passed ahead

By Captain Daniel D. Moreland

May 13, 2010 0510 at 41-36N / 065-13W

Our nasty low passed ahead of us and about 0130 the watch started to get sail back on the Picton Castle – as I tap these keys we have a clear sky filled with stars fading into a sunrise, smooth seas and an easy NW breeze send us along under topgallants. We are steering due south in excellent conditions – I will not be content until we are well below Bermuda. People are learning to steer and getting the hang of sail handling – there is so much else to pick up just to make life onboard harmonious and agreeable – like where to hang you wet clothes (not on the fantail), what to do with your coffee cup (wash it and put it away or hang on to it), how to use a flashlight at night without binding your shipmates (mask with your fingers), of and a thousand things more.

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