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Four-Legged Shipmates Looking for a New Home

Those of you who have followed the Captain’s Log for a while will remember Louie and Foxy, shipmates from the summer voyage in 2007. As the rest of the crew welcomed public visitors aboard for deck tours in Charleston, Norfolk, Newport and Halifax, these two roamed the decks as ambassadors, stopping for photo ops and other forms of attention. Picton Castle‘s puppies stole the show, threatening to upstage the ship which they called home.

Foxy and Louie started their lives in Dominica, the Caribbean island where we were involved in filming the reality-TV series “Pirate Master” in the winter of 2007. When they were first rescued and brought aboard the ship, they were tiny young puppies who would stay cool in the middle of the day by crawling under the veggie lockers on the aloha deck to find some shade. They grew quickly and, after a visit to the vet in Dominica to make sure they were healthy, started a summer journey that would end with being adopted into the friendly home of a shipmate in Nova Scotia.

Through the summer of 2007, Louie and Foxy, who are brother and sister, had grand adventures. They marched proudly with the crew in every tall ships festival’s crew parade, hid treats in rope coils on deck for the crew to find, settled into their own doghouse on the well deck, played endless games of tag and had their ears and bellies gently scratched by thousands of people. Upon returning to Lunenburg, they snuck off the ship one morning to head up the hill to the local grocery store and run on what they thought was their own dog-size treadmill, but for the rest of us is the roller conveyor belt that takes bins of groceries out to the parcel pick-up.

These two energetic young dogs are now looking for a new home. They are house trained, can sit and lie down, but need to be kept on a leash outside. As true island dogs, they are spirited and friendly, maybe a bit mischevious, and will make excellent pets for someone who has lots of love and attention to give. Their need for a new home is urgent, so if you’re interested in adopting a sea-dog or two please contact me at our Lunenburg office as soon as possible.

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