Captain's Log

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Bound for the New World

On Monday January 26 we sailed from Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cape Verde Islands bound for Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. It had been blowing extremely strongly for many days but now it was laying down to under 30 knots. After clearing out with Immigration and the Marine Police the gang loosed sail, braced yards aback and hove up both anchors. Without using the engine the Picton Castle crew did a fine job of sailing their ship off the anchor and out of the harbour, past the other anchored ships, past the breakwater, past the USS Pittsburgh, a Navy submarine in for a port visit, past the high jagged cliffs before falling off down the broad channel between Sao Vicente and Sao Antone.

Soon the barque was making nine and a half knots between the two islands. As we made our way offshore we settled down to 7-8 knots and have been keeping that speed ever since. Still comfortably cool we are all pleased to be back at sea in good passage making breezes. Celestial navigation lessons have started, other workshops are in the works and the Equator lays somewhere ahead – as soon as the wind lays down a little we are sure to set studding sails.

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