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Christmas Preparations

People everywhere are getting ready to celebrate the holidays and it’s no different aboard Picton Castle. For most of the crew, spending Christmas at sea will be a new experience and certainly a memorable one. In order to prepare to celebrate the season, Captain Moreland recently posted this note for the crew, giving a few instructions on how best to prepare.

From the Captain and crew of Picton Castle, we wish very happy holidays to everyone, especially our families and friends at home.

A Picton Castle Christmas can go something like this

Sure, we are away from home. Off West Africa in fact. Yes, we have no pesky little brothers or sisters about (or do we?) to annoy us. Nope, Mum is not here to bake or put funny things in your stockings. Dad and Grandad are not sitting around and telling you to put more tinsel on the tree or go help your Mom. And, no, no, no, we miss out on the endless krismiss-mall-musik piping out of every corner – also, we miss out on those nasty little candy canes they get everywhere.

But what do we have? Well, we have the temple of a sweet square-rigged ship dressed all in sky, buffeted and soothed in sea breezes. We have a big rolling blue ocean and fresh fair winds. We have a great bunch of shipmates who are making this the wonderful and amazing voyage it is. And we have a moment to make this our own Christmas.

So here is an out line – Just fun, hanging out, doing stuff on a tropical (almost) Christmas at sea. Here is what we do – and no one has to do anything they don’t want to do.

CHRISTMAS EVE – We set up our little Christmas tree on the hatch if it isn’t too rough – yes, we have a tree, a cute little Charlie Brown guy. We have a few decorations but if some of you make some small ones onboard some time that would help the little fellow – we have some really tacky lights to put on the tree – so all set there. But the poor thing needs some more ornaments…need popcorn strings too.

PRESENTS – Here the thing is – do what you want – no doubt many of us have a special gift for a particularly close friend BUT nothing is more fun than lots of silly gifts all over the place. Don’t even worry about getting something for everyone or even anyone – again, do what you feel like. This is a tropical Stress Free, chillin like a villain, cool by the pool, natty rasta Ixmuss.

COOKING – It is important to have lots of icky sweet cookies [and really good ones of ALL different types] all the time for days in advance of Christmas day – we need to start now and put some stuff in the freezer. Pies too. Apple pies, pumpkin pies, mince pies…mmmmm…also, it is important that Donald does not have to do it all – lend Mr. Church a hand

DRINK – Egg Nog? Mulled Cider? Sounds good, eh?

MUSIC– It is important to have so much Krissmiss Musik that you get sick of it – start playing some soon…

SHIP DECORATIONS – Salon decorations, Galley decorations, Focsle decorations, fife rail decorations, quarter-deck decorations, fore peak decorations, crew decorations…

WHAT ELSE? – Whatever you can think of…???

So, here is offering to all – A Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukah, a Rippin’ Ramadan and a Kwazee Kwanza, a Godt Juhl, a Sizzling Solstice…a fabulous mid-winters feast…

Make it so…

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