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North Sea, Sailing from Norway

This afternoon finds the Picton Castle under full sail, every sail set apart from studding-sails, sailing south in fresh winds in the North Sea. We are about 40 miles off the island of Karmoy, Norway steering SSW. Skies are clear with radiant white clouds, seas a dark blue-green and not so big. The wind is cool and from the north. It is good to be back at sea again after some days in port and steaming through the beautiful, mountainous, winding fjords of Norway.

We have just sailed from Bergen after four days of an excellent Tall Ships festival held there. The Picton Castle crew acquitted themselves well. Chibley, the ship’s cat, went walkabout but we got her back with the help of the citizens of Bergen. There are many stories to tell about the last couple of weeks and some of them will be up and posted soon so stay tuned. We have sailed from Kiel, Germany to Svendborg, Denmark, Copenhagen and on to Sweden and Norway. Ships, pulling boat races, crew parades, sailing in and out of small harbours, Norwegian crew from Picton Castle’s old days sailing hereabouts, good weather and bad all figure into our voyage of late and more. But for now we are back at sea sailing and looking after our wonderful ship feeling the seas heave beneath our keel and the kick of the wheel. The air is clean and cool and it is good to be back at sea in the Picton Castle.

Dave seams away
Erin on the wheel
Spenser loosing staysail

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