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Blowing Fresh

40-01N / 034-37W

0448, dawn: Overnight the mates have been doing their jobs, calling me from time to time as wind and sea conditions pick up. Winds are now blowing from the south at about 25-30 knots, gusty. Seas are moderate but have been building, blue with plenty of churning white-caps. We are steering east by south making 6 knots. What we have is a stunningly beautiful morning. Quite a few porpoise and even whales have passed by for a look-see at us in the last few days. The Picton Castle is under easy sail, spanker, outer jib, t’gallants and royals taken in and stowed well. The ship is making good headway and you really would not know it’s blowing fresh. We are getting the edge effects of a pretty deep low well to our northwest which should be heading away from us now. Doing us no harm and sending us along our way, good for the gang to see a little wind anyway. Stops them from piling dishes too high in the scullery when cleaning up, good to figure that out at sea in a ship. And a little heeling helps settle the bunk stowage with an additional dimension for lands-folks who are primarily accustomed to the defining force being gravity alone. This terranian outlook tends to evolve with a sea passage or two. And how does the Picton Castle ride? Why, she shames the gulls.

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