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Back at Sea Bound Across the Western Ocean

Lat 43-29N, Long 061-21W

Course: ESE

Speed: 5 knots

Weather: fair and clear, SW winds force 4

Seas: less than one metre

In the Picton Castle we could not wish for a better start to a transatlantic passage bound for Europe. The one week delay in Lunenburg has given us perfect conditions to sail eastward from Nova Scotia for several days. We shut down the engine just past Cross Island at the mouth of Lunenburg Bay. The Schooner Bluenose II gave us a final send off near the Ovens. Just now on Monday morning May 26, 2008 we will be passing south of Sable Island leaving it on the port side, about 45 miles to the north. The plan is to steer SE and sail under “the tail” or lower point of the Grand Banks and then head more or less due east for a while before heading NE towards Ireland. This whole passage is about 2,700 miles. Sailing to the south of and below “the tail” of the Grand Banks will keep us out of much fog and icebergs, of which there seem to be quite a few this year. The ship is under all plain sail. Some sail is not bent on yet; royals, flying jib, main t’gallant staysail, and gaff topsail, all light weather sails are still in the ‘tween decks. The Mate and Bosun will bend them on sometime later when we get into warmer weather.

The SW wind is supposed to pick up tonight and then switch around to moderate to strong NW in a day or so, all good useable breezes for this ship and crew.

The North Atlantic was once known as the “Western Ocean” and “across the Western Ocean I must wander…” goes an old song of the sea.

Kjetil and Dave happy to be making 6 knots
Peter steers SE on the 12-4 watch

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