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Preparing for Departure

The past two and a half weeks have been busy as the Picton Castle prepares to set sail on the Voyage of the Atlantic. Trainees have arrived, settled into their bunks, been trained in ship safety, emergency procedures and sail handling and have put some work into getting the ship ready to go. A sense of camaraderie has already developed among shipmates and this particularly keen group is eager to get underway.

After a winter of maintenance and overhaul, the ship looks fantastic and has come to life again with the care of the professional crew and trainees. With upgraded safety equipment, a few new spars, some additional navigation equipment and a full load of provisions, the ship is ready to set sail.

The crew and the ship are eager to cross the Atlantic Ocean, bound for Ireland, to begin their exciting year-long journey. Weather permitting, the ship intends to depart under sail from Lunenburg on Saturday May 24 at 10:00am.

Corey, Sarah, Jackie, Bruce and Susie bend on heads ls
Hoisting the rescue boat
Kevin, Tim, Bill, Nick and Kolin bend on the fore lower tops l
Nadja paints lettering on the hull
training with the fire department
WT, Susie, Nicki and Spenser prepare to bend on sail

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