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Cover on the Quarterdeck

Picton Castle has a temporary addition that makes her look quite different when walking down the dock. Because the ship’s stern is closest to the shore, it’s impossible to miss the cover over the quarterdeck. Made of plastic sheeting fastened over a wooden frame, this cover will help keep the quarterdeck dry and protected so that we can continue to work through the winter.

Many vessels that are kept outside during the winter are covered to help protect them from the elements. Picton Castle is usually not covered for the winter, but with the carpentry work on the deck that started in the fall, we have chosen to cover the quarterdeck and continue. The cover doesn’t stop it from being cold, so there are still days when it is difficult to work, but it does keep the deck dry enough to be able to carry on with replacing some of the wood and caulking. You can see this work in progress, under the cover, in the photo below.

Quarterdeck Cover
Wheel and binnacle under cover

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