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A Funny Moment In Luneneburg

LaHave Manor Auction Poster

“Your dinner aboard the ship is some expensive,” said the woman sitting across from me in the doctor’s office waiting room.

Dinner aboard the ship, I wondered. Huh? “Oh, you mean the dinner that’s being auctioned off in support of LaHave Manor.”

“Fifty dollars a ticket, prepared by the Captain, served on the ship,’ she continued, until finally she permitted me to explain that the $50 ticket is for a dinner and auction in support of the local residential centre that provides a home and care for mentally challenged adults and the dinner – for six, to be prepared and served by Capt. Moreland and World Voyage IV crew member/television actor Billy Campbell aboard Picton Castle – is just one of the items that attendees will be invited to bid on.

“Well, I was going to say that $50 a person would be a lot for dinner on a ship,” she persisted.

“Actually, we’re hoping they’ll get a lot more than that,” I said, at which point she looked me dead in the face as if to see whether I was one of those people who would part with their money so easily. As a born and bred Lunenburger, I’m generally not.

“Well, at least it’s for a good cause,” she concluded. I agreed.

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