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Meet the Crew V

John, Deckhand

John left his home in Virginia to sail as a trainee on the Picton Castle‘s third world voyage and returned for the fourth world voyage as a deckhand, assistant watch officer and assistant Bosun. An exceptionally gifted seafarer and all around fantastic shipmate, John returned to the Picton Castle in March to help wrap up the filming of CBS’s new series “Pirate Master” and the Caribbean winter voyage. Just before he arrived in Dominica, John sat for the exams for his 100 ton coastal Master’s license and, hey, he passed! Relaxed and easy going as always, John now owns the ship’s biggest inflatable pool toy, a kiddy pool he can blow up to splash around in on deck or use as a raft for swim calls. He will sometimes share his pool with the 2nd Mate and Chief Engineer and even the puppies.

Nadja, Deckhand

Nadja came to Nova Scotia from Spain and joined the Picton Castle in late June 2006 after having waited for months in chilly Lunenburg for the ship to return home from the fourth world voyage. Nadja volunteered and trained aboard the ship all summer in the Great Lakes, and remained aboard the ship through the fall between voyages. She is a very hardworking shipmate, is committed to learning as much as possible every day and it appears that Nadja just might never leave. Other than sailing and working hard on a sailing ship, which Nadja likes best, she enjoys running the skiff, exploring tropical ports of call and provisioning for the ship at the island markets. Perhaps Nadja’s most important function on board is feeding Chibley every morning. She also holds a small tonnage skippers ticket from Italy.

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