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Meet the Crew IV

Erin, Deckhand


Erin, a fiercely proud resident of Cape Breton Island, sailed on the fourth world voyage as a trainee and Education Officer, chronicling the ’round the world voyage for teachers, students, home-school families and armchair sailors alike on the popular WorldWise and Mystic Seaport Museum websites. She can’t seem to stay away from the Picton Castle, returning as a volunteer deckhand just a month and a half after the end of the world voyage to finish the 2006 tall ship events and to down-rig the ship in late September. She returned to the Picton Castle in Nevis in early February to assist with the winter training schedule and to participate in the filming of the new CBS series “Pirate Master”. Erin’s personality is ten feet tall, twice her actual height. View her voyage logs at

Jack, Deckhand


Jack sailed as a trainee on the Picton Castle‘s fourth world voyage and stayed on as a deckhand for the first half of the 2006 summer voyage to the Great Lakes. When not developing his seafaring skills aboard our barque, Jack exploits his advanced diving and downhill skiing skills, which he honed while growing up in New Hampshire and Florida. Jack returned to the Picton Castle in Dominica in March, having used his time away from the ship to study and earn his SCUBA diving instructor’s certificate. Much to his mother’s horror and his shipmate’s delight, Jack has formed a large tattoo collection, which he has added to since he was last aboard. The Captain says that we do not encourage all this tattoo business but they do it anyway, and many many crew DO NOT get tattoo…

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