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Meet The Crew II

Kelly, Deckhand

A long way from her hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Kelly sailed in the Picton Castle for a week in the summer of 2006 from Port Huron, through the Welland Canal to Toronto. She returned to the ship in November, having signed on as a trainee for the entire winter voyage in the Caribbean. Kelly looks on her Picton Castle experience as training for what she hopes will be a career at sea. Kelly’s nearly complete ditty bag will not be mistaken for anyone else’s as it features an original oil pastel drawing on the canvas.

Bronwen, Deckhand

Bronwen joined the Picton Castle in March on the island of Dominica. Having visited the ship many times, most notably to live aboard for three weeks in Cape Town, South Africa in March 2006, she is a familiar face among our crew. Already a master at the daily routine of life aboard, Bronwen has developed the necessary seafaring skills with ease and grace. Bronwen is a wonderful shipmate because she is willing to learn at every turn, has a killer sense of humour, and always puts the needs of the ship and her crew before her own.

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