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Meet The Crew I

The Picton Castle crew is an exciting lot, joining us from all over Canada, USA, Grenada, and Dominica! Their talents and areas of expertise in their “other lives” (when they are not sailing) are just as varied as the places they call home. This winter the Picton Castle assembled an all-star team of mostly former world voyagers and otherwise experienced crew for our role in the upcoming CBS television series PIRATE MASTER (airing Thursday nights at 8:00 PM starting May 31). Read on through this series of logs and meet the crew who currently call this square rigger home:

Stephanie, Deckhand

Stephanie joined the Picton Castle in early January 2007 at the island of Grenada. She signed on as a trainee and except for a brief trip home to her native Virginia in March Stephanie has remained aboard and has worked her way up to the role of Deckhand. She learned her lines quickly and she continues to enhance her seamanship skills every day. Stephanie is the queen of rust-busting and Sudoku puzzles, and when off watch, she can often be found on the Aloha Deck working away in her daily Sudoku calendar.

Ben, Deckhand

Ben joined the Picton Castle in Dominica in early February. He originally signed up for the Picton Castle’s Bosun School, but when the program was rescheduled we invited him to sail with us in the Caribbean. Ben, who has previously sailed in the Schooners Harvey Gamage, Spirit of Massachusetts, Lettie G. Howard and the English Brig Prince William, has quickly become a favorite among our crew. His work ethic, seamanship skills, and quick wit keep us on our toes and in stitches. A native of Kansas City, Ben is an emphatic football fan, a gifted and published writer, and a mentor to troubled youth. This summer he is joining the team at Ocean Classroom on the Schooner Harvey Gamage to assist in their summer sailing programs and fall down-rig schedule. We fully expect to see him with us again very soon.

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