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Shelburne in TS ALBERTO

At about eight o’clock in the evening our tempest blinked and started to ease up. The Picton Castle stopped heeling on the roar in the rigging softened to a low whine. The wind backed into the northwest and the barometer started to go up. The storm was passing. We heard that a joint US and Canadian Coast Guard rescue operation got the folks off the sinking yacht that was in the worst part of the storm. We had been all hands, but now we could break off into watches. We would get going again early in the morning to get back underway for Lunenburg. The radio was promising a nice day and weekend for our passage down the coast and arrival at 1400 Saturday.

Shelburne is a lovely and historic old ship-building town. Initially settled by post–American Revolution Loyalists as well as freed Black American slaves, Shelburne has broad streets and many beautiful old houses from the 1700s. Many of the crew walked around town in the abating rain on the way to the pub—The Sea Dog Saloon—which took good care of us. There were some very pretty windows including a stained glass window of a bounding square-rigger.

This morning we had a perfectly still wind and a bright clear day and a small container-ship headed up harbour who wanted our berth. We cast off and headed south for the last time on this voyage. On our way down the shore we have a lot to do. John Kemper is in charge of sending up the fine new royal yard. Of course, we have loosed and set all sail to a pleasant SW breeze. All the flags have to be organized for tomorrow. Spot painting is needed here and there. Susannah and Morgan are putting the finishing touches on the upper topsail for the Charles W. Morgan, sticking in grommets and reef points. And we have bent on the fore royal and flying jib. Lots of little jobs are getting done. All I have to find a place to anchor for the night. Tomorrow we get up very early and sail for Lunenburg. It is a beautiful day on the southwestern shore of Nova Scotia.

Afoot in the murk.
Bending sail on the new yard.
Boats in Shelburne Harbour escaping Alberto.
First Mate Sam Heyman checks the penants for arrival.
Morning dawns clear.
On our way Home!
PICTON CASTLE alongside in Shelburne.
Putting finishing touches on the sail for C. W. MORGAN.
Royal yard goes up.
Safely ashore in the Sea Dog Saloon
Sending up the new Royal Yard.
Shelburne village window
Shelburne Village window 2
The pleasures of a Nova Scotia shoreside tavern.
Touching up a few spots with paint to look our best!

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