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At Bermuda

The Picton Castle approached Bermuda late on Monday afternoon, and we were escorted into St. George’s by our friend and shipmate Paulina in her little boat. As you come through the narrow cut into St. George’s it is like walking into a film set—the houses look like sweets, all different pastel colours and complimentary coloured shutters. The water is an amazing array of turquoises with bits of ship wreck sticking right up.

But for us it has been a little bit rainy! Not that we mind, but my, my, my! Can you ever get wet in a skiff ride in the type of rain that is sheeting it down! And it is definitely cooler. The crew have been busy exploring going to the aquarium, buying last bits and bobs of their world adventure, enjoying long meals while watching the rain from under little restaurants that dot the harbour front, such as the ever-famous White Horse. Admittedly not many of us have made it to the beach for a quiet day! There have been trips on the high speed ferry over towards Hamilton and the dockyards to go to the maritime museum.

On board, Logan and his carpenters have been roaring along on the new Fore Royal Yard. I can’t believe how much they have done in such a short amount of time! It started off being a spare bit of large square timber sitting in the breezeway, Making the new yard is much like taking a stick and making a toothpick out of it. All of sudden there it is—a new yard! I believe that after a couple coats of varnish it will be all ready to go up and have the sails bent on, just in time for our return.

Even though our return is imminent, and there is a lot of anxiety as to what we will do next, our spirits are high in anticipation of seeing friends and family on the dock. Until then Bermuda awaits!

Carpenters Logan, JD, Bart making a new yard on the way Bermuda
Morgan having a hard day sailmaking on the way to Bermuda
New yard takes shape.
The yard nearly done!

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