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Steaming Towards St. Helena

Maybe we used up our allotted wind for the week during the gale on Monday, because right now there really isn’t too much of it! The main engine is on and we are motoring towards St. Helena, about 750 nm away. Yesterday the weather was beautifully warm, and shockingly enough most of us had our shorts on with our lily white legs exposed to the sun. This morning the clouds and rain are back and so are the long pants.

This week life has started to take on the regular routine of being at sea. Tracy is now a Dayman sailmaker, as are Margot and Ivan—oh, yes, and Chibbley. Logan and Bart, the daymen carpenters, are still busy putting back together our new and posh-looking inside head. Becky and Andrea M. have been busy in the Bosun’s chair high up in the rig, slushing the stays. Logan finished another deck box for the quarterdeck, on the port side this time. John Kemper has been busy finishing the varnish in the new and improved after-cabin passageway. Ollie, Rebecca, and Amanda continue to do rigging with the help of their new rigger, Jack Hubbard. David Matthews and Andrea Deyling are still being diesel dorks, helping Danie in the Engine Room. Kjetil, Kolin and Zimmer are all lead seamen now, which means that they help liaise between what the Watch Officer needs the watch to do and making it happen.

The new crew who joined us at Cape Town—Laura Gainey, Joelle Plouffe, Steve Nash, Mike Wolfe, John Williamson, Andy Cook, Drew Greenlaw (and, of course, returning crew Papa Jack and Vicki Sullivan)—are all doing well and learning fast, fitting in quickly. But having so many pollywogs onboard may just have something to do with the weather Neptune is sending us eh? Hmmm…

Andrea Moore in the bosun s chair, Namibia to St Helena
Andy Cook priming, Namibia to St. H.
Erin on helm, squally skies behind, Namibia to St. Helena
John Williamson, Namibia to St. H.
Laura Gainey on the helm, Namibia to St. H.
Mike Wolfe on galley, Namibia to St H.

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